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Inaugural Event of the OruMbya project

The International Journey between Afro, indigenous and astronomy cultures: OruMbya (Orum: sky in Yorubá; and Mbya: Brazilian Guarani ethnicity) is a pilot project to celebrate Astronomy as the fuel of life, in which the stories of the stars are preserved in the resilience of people from 3 different continents. The project will carry out five […]

Astronomy Videos in Haitian Creole

Astronomy Videos in Haitian Creole

The ‘Astronomy Lakay Vodcasting‘ project broadcast basic astronomy videos in the Haitian Creole language during the COVID-19 lockdown in Haiti. Originally designed for 6 months, it was carried out mainly from April to October 2020 on  Youtube and also distributed on other social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and the blog of the Société Haïtienne […]

Overview: Rediscovering Identity though Astronomy

Rediscovering Identity though Astronomy (RITA) is grounded in the use of astronomy as a means of common humanitarian awareness, union and ancestral cultural exchange. Through RITA we will:Build and maintain a diverse network of indigenous educators and students across the Likan Antai, Pascuense and Mapuche communities,Through astronomy, increase interest in STEM careers in Indigenous students,Students […]

Overview: Asteroids workshop: A rocky adventure (Taller de Asteroides: Una aventura rocosa)

The aim of this project is to bring astronomical material to students and teachers from less favored Chilean public schools in the frame of Asteroid Day 2021. We plan to create and distribute an educational kit in different schools along Chile.In our experience doing outreach with our initiative “Star Tres”, we noticed that many teachers […]

Overview: COVID-19 in Amazonas – Astronomy strikes back!

Introduction: Amazonas is the Brazilian state that has suffered the most from COVID-19. The average of 48 dead / 100 thousand inhabitants is a national record. In view of the critical situation, measures of social isolation were taken; airports, ports, schools, everything was closed. Currently, the local government has decreed distance learning through internet classes. […]