Overview: Rediscovering Identity though Astronomy

Rediscovering Identity though Astronomy (RITA) is grounded in the use of astronomy as a means of common humanitarian awareness, union and ancestral cultural exchange. Through RITA we will:Build and maintain a diverse network of indigenous educators and students across the Likan Antai, Pascuense and Mapuche communities,Through astronomy, increase interest in STEM careers in Indigenous students,Students will come to re-identify with their ancestral roots and indigenous culture through exploration of cosmovisions.The project will be completed in stages. In stage one (February 2021) the teachers will go through a series of virtual planning meetings with project leadership. Teachers representing the three indigenous cultures have already been recruited and are excited to participate. In stage two(March-April), each teacher will work with their respective students to investigate the cosmovision of the universe as viewed through their local cultures. This investigation will facilitate connection between the students and their ancestral roots. In stage three (June-July), virtual meetings will be held between the three participating schools. During this time students will explore shared experiences and challenges and will share research results and their worldview. Stage four (August-September) will be a culminating experience including a face-to-face conference for participating teachers and students. At this meeting the group will continue their discussion and engage in a variety of network building activities, and they will share their findings raising awareness about our common humanity and our shared origins in the stars via a poster session and oral presentations with the broader Chilean community.Pre and post metrics, and formative evaluation will be used to monitor impact on participants.

Contact: Valeria Villegas, fundacionjanequeo@gmail.com