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Article on the project and NEPA group

Article in Portuguese (BR) (translated) In the midst of a pandemic, the Center for Teaching and Research in Astronomy at the State University of Amazonas (NEPA / UEA) won the approval of yet another international project financed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Titled “Covid-19 in Amazonas: Astronomy strikes back!” (Covid-19 in Amazonas: Astronomy strikes back!) ”, […]

Astronomy To Support the Indigenous Village of Aldeia Verde, Brazil

Astronomy to support indigenous village

The project team have published an article on the project, the impact of COVID-19, and its ‘rebirth’ in a virtual setting. Published in By Arianna Cortesi, Claudia Magnani, Roberto Romero, Paula C.P. Silva, Sueli Maxakali, Isael Maxakali, Ana Maria R. Gomes OtherSkies, an OAD/IAU-funded project, tackles these questions by collecting native narratives, chants, and […]

COVID-19 in Amazonas- Astronomy strikes back

Target location: Brazil, all Portuguese-speaking countries, and Japan. Target audience: Social isolation affects all people of different ages. Therefore, the project was formatted in such a way that the following audiences were served: 1: Literacy children up to the 5th. year of primary school; 2: Children of the 6th. year until the 9th. year of […]

Behold the sky: Final report

Behold the Sky is an ongoing project that consists of loaning of solar PST telescopes and education material to teachers (AstroKits) that receive training in solar astrophysics topics.  Goals: make available 2 new AstroKits (there were 3) as well as reformulate and include new education materials on all kits. We completed 5 Astrokits: We bought […]

Final report

Project website: Project Objectives:– To create and distribute educational kits composed of tactile 3D maps of galaxies accompanied by a manual and multimedia material to educators working with BVI students that want to introduce Astronomy concepts in their classrooms, or to astronomers and/or science outreach coordinators that want to do more inclusive Astronomy considering […]