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Overview: Beyond the Beach- Foundations for Caribbean Astrotourism

Caribbean Astrotourism

The United States Virgin Islands are an underdeveloped US territory whose local economy depends on tourism. That industry was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017, and the slow recovery was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Tourism tastes are changing, with younger generations more likely to be interested in local, ethical, and unique experiences, […]

Overview: Astro3DBol – Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit in Bolivia

Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit

The Astro3DBol- Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit in Bolivia, seeks the development of Kits for teaching Cultural Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy in the context of the Tiwanakota culture of Bolivia. The destination of the resources are destined to the creation of teaching Kits so educators and students interested in Astronomy and pre-Inca cultures of Bolivia, are able to […]

Astronomy as a Tool to Face COVID-19 Isolation in an Indigenous Village

Under Other Skies project to face COVID-19 Isolation in Indigenous Village

The “Under Other Skies” project is using astronomy as a tool to help face COVID-19 induced isolation in the indigenous village ‘Aldeia Verde’, in Mina Gerais, Brazil. It aims at bridging different visions of the Universe by collecting indigenous knowledge. The project’s main objective is to record, transcribe and translate unpublished songs about the sky […]

Final Workshops of the OruMbya Intercultural Project

Final Workshops of the OruMbya Intercultural Project

The final workshops of the OruMbya intercultural project were conducted virtually in September and October 2021. OruMbya (Orum: sky in Yorubá; and Mbya: Brazilian Guarani ethnicity) is a pilot project to celebrate Astronomy as the fuel of life, in which the stories of the stars are preserved in the resilience of people from 4 different […]

Astronomy Project Helps Chilean Indigenous Students Rediscover Ancestral Roots

RITA Indigenous Students Rediscover Ancestral Roots

The Rediscovering Identity Through Astronomy (RITA) project is using astronomy as a means of common humanitarian awareness, to help indigenous students rediscover ancestral roots. During the project, students, with the help of their teachers, identify with their ancestral roots and indigenous culture through the exploration of worldviews. RITA hopes to increase the interest of indigenous […]