Review Panel

The applications submitted to the OAD Annual Call for Proposals are evaluated by an independent review panel. The panel consists of experts who give their time voluntarily. They are selected, as far as possible, on the basis of their skills, prior knowledge, experience, geographic locations, gender and cultural diversity. In addition, the OAD invites external experts where necessary to serve on the review panel. 

The current members of the review panel are listed here.

Adaiah Lilenstein, South Africa

Amelia Ortiz-Gil, Spain

Brooke Simmons, UK

Claudio De Figueiredo Melo, Chile/Portugal Read More

Coryn Bailer-Jones, Germany Read More

David Olusegun Sotola, South Africa

Edward Gomez, UK

Edward Guinan, USA

Edward Jurua, Uganda

Eleni Thomai Chatzichristou, Belgium Read More

Fraser Lewis, UK Read More

Galina Motorina, Czech Republic Read More

German Puerta, Colombia

Hakim Malasan, Indonesia

Hilary Bberinya, Uganda Read More

Indulekha Kavila, India Read More

Jean-Pierre de Greve, Belgium

Jen Gupta, UK

Jiajia Liu, China/UK Read More

John Zarnecki, UK/Poland Read More

Kimberly Arcand, USA

Leonard Burtscher, Netherlands Read More

Linda Strubbe, Canada/USA

Martin Mwale, South Africa

Megan Argo, IAU Commission 55/UK

Michael West, USA Read More

Michele Gerbaldi, France

Mirjana Povic, Serbia/Spain/Ethiopia Read More

Niall Deacon, OAE/Germany

Nic Bonne, Aus/UK Read More

Nicole van der Bliek, Chile/Netherlands

Ofodum Chukwujekwu Nworah, Nigeria

Orrarujee Muanwong, Thailand Read More

Osama Shalabiea, Egypt Read More

Peter Kretschmar, Spain Read More

Priya Hasan, India Read More

Ravi Sheth, ICTP/Italy

Robert Hollow, Australia

Roderik Adriaan Overzier, Brazil Read More

Roger Hajjar, Lebanon

Shengbang Qian, China

Stella Kafka, USA

Themiya Nanayakkara, Australia Read More

Thilina Heenatigala, Sri Lanka/Japan

Tsolmon Renchin, Mongolia

Vuyiswa Mkhabela, South Africa Read More


Thanks to the previous review panel members for contributing to the mission of the OAD

  • Tomita Akihiko (Japan)
  • Sze-leung Cheung (HK/Thailand)
  • Kumiko Usuda (Japan)
  • Carolina Odman South Africa/EU
  • Richard de Grijs, Australia
  • Lina Canas, OAO/Japan
  • Dana Ficut-Vicas, Romania