The Office of Astronomy for Development, through its projects, partners, and collaborators, develops a number of resources useful for astronomy education, outreach, and astronomy-for development.

Astronomy and COVID-19

Not only medical and health related sciences, even fields such as astronomy and a number of other fields unrelated to infectious diseases are stepping up to play a role in the fight against COVID-19. This section compiles information on various ways in which astronomy and its community is helping tackle issues worsened by COVID-19. The OAD issued an extraordinary call for proposals in 2020 to assist communities deal with the impact of COVID by employing astronomy in some way.

OAD Project Resources

Each OAD project has tried to impact on sustainable development in various ways, applying astronomy to respond to local conditions and requirements. Projects have also encountered challenges unique to their region all of which are documented in reports. We believe the resources created by these projects, such as educational materials for schools, university lecture presentations and videos, tactile resources, project reports etc., will be beneficial to others who want to run astronomy outreach or education or for-development projects.

Space Awareness Project

The OAD was a partner in the EU Space Awareness project which strives to inform children and young adults about current research and issues related to space sciences and the numerous career opportunities offered by space, and to show them that space science can be fun and inspiring. Educators can benefit immensely from the project by taking advantage of the large array of free, high-quality resources that are easily adaptable to different disciplines and countries.


astroEDU is an open-access platform for peer-reviewed science education activities. Educators can discover, review, distribute, improve, and remix educational activities.

Education & Outreach Resources

The primary objective of the OAD is to use astronomy for development. Astronomy education and outreach fall under the purview of the IAU Office of Astronomy for Education (OAE) and IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach respectively (OAO). Some of the resources collected by the OAD are made available on this page.