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This proposal focuses on ethno-astronomy, in particular on indigenous astronomy in Brazil. The project will be conducted in Aldeia Verde, a Maxakali Village in Minas Gerais, where the idea was born through the encounter of one of the astronomers and two cacique (leaders) of the community. The project involves the collaboration of indigenous researchers of […]


The COSMOamautas program (amauta=teacher/knowledgeable in the indigenous language Quechua) aims to bring teacher training workshops in Astronomy and Space Science to high school teachers in rural areas in Peru. We have selected rural communities where the first professional national telescopes have been recently built, yet their presence has made no significant impact on the science […]


Ad Astra is a unique project that brings the excitement of exploration to students in poor regions of the world. We exploit curiosity, an essential human trait, to promote inquiry-based learning and unlock their potential. 20 kids from Rio de Janeiro’s City of God favela will be selected and, through a hands-on curriculum, develop reasoning […]


Activities 1. Maternal teacher training 1.1 Workshop with the theme “solar system at scale” 1.2 Group dynamics with the theme “The Size of the Sun and Planets of our System” 1.3 Lecture on Astronomy Teaching methodologies for pre-literacy children. 2. Training of elementary school teachers I (students 6 – 10 year olds) 2.1 Workshops on […]

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Behold the Sky is an ongoing project that consists in the loan of solar PST telescopes and education material (AstroKits) to teachers that are also trained in solar astrophysics topics. The project offers pedagogical advice for the teachers on how to perform empirical science activities with their students.  Website In addition, we plan two major […]