Inaugural Event of the OruMbya project

The International Journey between Afro, indigenous and astronomy cultures:

OruMbya (Orum: sky in Yorubá; and Mbya: Brazilian Guarani ethnicity) is a pilot project to celebrate Astronomy as the fuel of life, in which the stories of the stars are preserved in the resilience of people from 3 different continents.

The project will carry out five public workshops to promote intercultural education among university students, scientists, schools, as well as quilombolas and indigenous peoples from different communities and the general public, improving their access to astronomical themes and cultural issues seen from different perspectives. We are organizing 5 meetings on our journey, between March and October 2021.

Each meeting will have a lecture on a topic of Astronomy and a cultural moment with art, music and history about Afro and Indigenous cultures, and their contributions to Brazilian culture.