Regional Offices Activities: OCT-DEC 2023


  • October 18-20 Nicolás Vasquez, Beatriz García and Giovanni Pinzón organised the IV Workshop Astronomía en los Andes: “Engaged communities in development through Astrotourism”. The main goal of this IV Workshop was to promote high-quality, responsible and innovative tourism of stars in the Andean Region, especially in rural areas in which it could become a real driving force for local economies. Main Outcome: Together with the community we formed the first Andean network of entrepreneurs in Astrotourism.
  • November 26-30. Beatriz García and Giovanni Pinzón attended the XVII Latin American Regional IAU meeting in Uruguay. Talk: First Andean Network of entreperneurs in Astrotourism


  • The Arab Regional-IAU-OAE Workshop on Astronomy for Education organized by zoom. Attended by 9 Arab countries, lectures were given from different representatives
  • 14th Arab Union For Astronomy and Space Sciences conference organized during 13-16 November 2023 in Sharjah. UAE, with more than 350 participants from Arab countries and scientists from Armenia, USA, China Chile, Spain, Italy, Pakistan, presenting about 200 research work in Astrophysics , radio astronomy, optical astronomy, archeoastronomy, Astro tourism, and history of astronomy, application of astronomy in Islam.

East Africa

  • IAUS386 symposium conducted in Ethiopia from 13-17 Nov 23, African Planetarium Association Biannual Workshop conducted from 11-12 Nov 23, Capacity building training on Dark sky and Astrotourism (CBT-DA) Conducted from 11-12 Nov 23
  • Partial lunar eclipse observations under #Africalookup campaign organized in Ethiopia and Tanzania.
  • Ten schools were visited; 5 Primary Schools and 5 Secondary Schools, in Kampala, Luweero and Mukono districts, Planetarium shows at Makerere University for Primary and Secondary School children

East Asia

  • In October, the First Symposium on Environmental Protection and Development of Astronomical Observations was held in Shenzhen

  • Thijs gave a talk “Astronomy as a Tool for Development” on 28 November 2023, at the conference “BRISMIS 2023 – Belt and Road Initiative – Science Museum International Symposium” in the session “Centennial History of Planetarium and Astronomy Education”. He discussed how astronomy can be used globally as an accessible tool to enhance STEM education and how to connect it to local culture.


  • The office is preparing for a pilot online program in 2024 that will connect primary schools across various countries

North America

  • The Office will host a Special Session at the American Astronomical Society (AAS) January 2024 Meeting on Astronomy for a Better World, together with the OAD. This will be the first AAS Special Session on astronomy for development.
  • And a theater presentation at the AAS meeting on NA ROAD and Women and Girls in Astronomy Program

Portuguese Language

  • Co-coordination of International Training Event in Brazil (10-13/10/2023) and the annular solar eclipse observation on October 14
  • Event for World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10. Each partner’s representatives participated in a live Astrotourism and Development debate on YouTube while in-person programs were held in Mozambique, Angola, and Cape Verde with students and the local community consisting of talks and sun observation. Brazil conducted its in-person activity on November 18th at MAST, in Rio de Janeiro.
  • On December 10, PLOAD members, from Portugal and Mozambique, participated in an online event at Portuguese School in Maputo, Mozambique, when they talked about History of the Universe, the importance of Astronomy in general, and the Astronomy in Portuguese-speaking countries.

South East Asia

  • 13th Southeast Asia Astronomy Network 2023 (13th SEAAN 23) from 28-29 November 2023 in Manila, the Philippines, hosted by PAGASA, NARIT and SEA-ROAD under the theme of Radio Astronomy Development in Southeast Asia with over 40 participants from SEA region, presenting research work in radio astronomy, optical astronomy, archaeoastronomy, astrotourism, and astronomy education.
  • Astro 101 Hands on Workshop on Optical Astronomy Research 28-31 August in Chiang Mai, Thailand brought students from undergraduate to graduate levels, postdocs, scientists, researchers, engineers, and educators to gain or improve their skills in coding and writing algorithms for processing astronomical data and analysis using Python with over 60 participants mostly from SEA region.

South West And Central Asia

  • Oct-Dec 2023, Byurakan, Armenia – Scientific (Astro) Tourism; visits of thousands of pupils, students and other visitors to BAO 2.6m and 1m telescopes, Planetarium and Viktor Ambartsumian house-museum, night observations with small telescopes
  • Areg Mickaelian gave an invited talk “Astronomy as the Leader of Inter- and Multi- Disciplinary Sciences” in Indonesia at the Symposium “From the Universe Back to Earth: Developing Astronomy to Meet Modern Natural Challenges”
  • Public Talk by Areg Mickaelian in Yerevan, Armenia on “How Astronomy Helps Humanity to Survive”

Southern Africa

West Africa

  • Astro-prison project 2023 (4 – 5 October 2023): WAROAD partnered with Dr. Ofodum C. N. in correctional facilities astronomy/ space science outreach. The outreach educated prisoners using the pale blue dot concept and provided skill training on snail farming and beekeeping. The training was to prepare the prisoners for life after incarceration.
  • Public School Space Science Outreach (5 December 2023): WAROAD in partnership with Astrophysics Research Group of the University of Nigeria and Students Christian Movement of Nigeria (Nsukka chapter), conducted astronomy and space science outreach at Edem Community Secondary, Nsukka. The outreach had over 300 students in attendance.
  • C-Link Project: The WAROAD office in partnership with Prof. George Miley will host a universal awareness (UNAWE) project in the honor of late Prof. Carolina Govender on Tuesday 13 February, 2024 at Graceville nursery and primary school, Nsukka Enugu State.
  • Space Kids Outreach (December 19): The WAROAD office in partnership with the Centre for Basic Space Science and Astronomy will organize a one-day space kids outreach on the 19 December 2023 to promote astronomy and space science among kids from 5 – 18 years.