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Virtual Program in Peru Improves Rural Teachers’ Scientific Competence

The goal of the CosmoAmautas project is to increase the scientific literacy in Peruvian school teachers and promote equity and inclusion in STEM education through teacher training. In 2022, we ran a 6-day virtual workshop to train 74 teachers in several topics across astrophysics with focus on applications of the scientific method. The participants were […]

Project Trains Preschool Teachers to Teach Astronomy

ASTROPEST’s objectives were to develop an astronomy teaching and learning module for preschool teachers in Malaysia, apply the modules and assess the level of awareness of the target group regarding the importance of astronomy. Preschool teachers received training in fundamentals of astronomy, hands-on activities, such as how to build a sundial with a practical work […]

Astronomy Clubs in Ghana Improve Student Performance in STEM

The Astronomy in Ghana project aimed to promote practical astronomy topics and hands-on activities among students and teachers to foster problem-solving skills and develop an interest in STEM subjects for informed academic and career choices. The project successfully formed astronomy clubs in six schools across three southern regions of Ghana: Greater Accra, Volta, and Central […]

Project Sparks Excitement Among Displaced Children in Burkina Faso

In response to Burkina Faso’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, which has been intensified by armed conflicts since 2016, the team embarked on a development project with the goal of making a positive impact on the lives of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The armed conflict has has affected various regions of the country, causing immense suffering for […]

Student Astroguides Earn First Income through Astronomy

AstroTribe is a science engagement and economic development project that provides astronomical knowledge and skills to tribal students, and trains them as astronomy guides, enabling them to earn income without interfering with their academic schedule. The project has resulted in the successful training of 16 astroguides, conducted 5 stargazing events that raised 30000 INR in […]