Overview: Astro3DBol – Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit in Bolivia

Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit

The Astro3DBol- Archeoastronomy Teaching Kit in Bolivia, seeks the development of Kits for teaching Cultural Astronomy and Archaeoastronomy in the context of the Tiwanakota culture of Bolivia. The destination of the resources are destined to the creation of teaching Kits so educators and students interested in Astronomy and pre-Inca cultures of Bolivia, are able to develop a class on Tiwanacota Archeoastronomy topic. The products of the project are Teaching Kits with scope of 100 units, virtual workshops for the use of the Kits and its diffusion with general public with free access. The project will consist on the development, 3D modeling, and manufacture of the kits through the participation of students and professionals in the field, the creation of workshops for a sample of professors and educators of the field through the institutional agreements of the FESA foundation.

The participation of the project considers four groups: High School Students, Professors, General Public and amateur astronomers interested in the field.

The resources to be used will be for the purchase of a 3D Printer dedicated to the printing of the kits, technical and institutional support with the 3D printers and agreement networks of the FESA foundation, purchase of filaments, photographic paper and minor items, operational investment for the virtual courses, implementation logistics and the correct dissemination of the project.

Some action milestones will be:
• Involve high school students for the modeling and development of the Kit in supervision of Educators and professionals in the field.
• Diffusion, insertion and interaction with academic communities of educators in public schools for the creation of working groups and training
• The creation and development of the kits
• Development and realization of Online Workshops for teachers
• Delivery of kits, monitoring and development of own educational activities


Gabriel Andrés Jaimes Illanes, g.jaimes.illanes@gmail.com