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Astronomy Clubs in Ghana Improve Student Performance in STEM

The Astronomy in Ghana project aimed to promote practical astronomy topics and hands-on activities among students and teachers to foster problem-solving skills and develop an interest in STEM subjects for informed academic and career choices. The project successfully formed astronomy clubs in six schools across three southern regions of Ghana: Greater Accra, Volta, and Central […]

Astronomy Clubs at Schools in Ghana

The Astronomy in Ghana project organized an instructors workshop, a 2-day workshop from 19 May to 21 May 2022 to train project team members. The team then carried out initial school visits from July to August 2022. The team presented the importance of Astronomy to Ghana to the students and teachers to inspire and build […]

Overview: Astronomy in Ghana

Astronomy in Ghana

“Astronomy in Ghana” aims to visit various schools within three southern regions of Ghana (Greater Accra, Volta and Central Region) in order to set up school astronomy clubs. The clubs will teach astronomy through the use of talks, discussion and hands-on activities to foster practical problem-solving skills. Students will also be introduced to the diversity […]