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Project Trains Preschool Teachers to Teach Astronomy

ASTROPEST’s objectives were to develop an astronomy teaching and learning module for preschool teachers in Malaysia, apply the modules and assess the level of awareness of the target group regarding the importance of astronomy. Preschool teachers received training in fundamentals of astronomy, hands-on activities, such as how to build a sundial with a practical work […]

Pre-school Teacher Training in Malaysia

ASTROPEST is based on the 21st-century model of teaching and learning, encouraging high quality, inclusive, equitable education, and promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for pre-school teachers. Preschool teachers will receive training in fundamentals of astronomy, hands-on activities, in a 2 days training program. Knowledge transfer activities will also be provided for pre-school kids and the […]

Overview: Astronomy training outreach for preschool teachers, Malaysia

Astronomy training for preschool teachers

Throughout the world, every individual has the right to an education to learn and know something. Therefore, the Malaysian government introduced the preschool program back in 1980. The preschool provides children aged 4 to 6 with an opportunity for early education. Astronomy in early childhood curriculum is meant to increase involvement and interest in learning […]