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Overview: Astronomy training outreach for preschool teachers, Malaysia

Astronomy training for preschool teachers

Throughout the world, every individual has the right to an education to learn and know something. Therefore, the Malaysian government introduced the preschool program back in 1980. The preschool provides children aged 4 to 6 with an opportunity for early education. Astronomy in early childhood curriculum is meant to increase involvement and interest in learning […]

Impact Dome model

from Apadilangit Teaching astronomy to visual and hearing impared student is a new topic in Malaysia. Less effort has been allocated to teach astronomy for inclusive and impared students. This is due to lack of needs to emphasize astronomy and it leads to insufficient learning tools and teaching aids produced to teach them. This issue […]


The project will deliver astronomy lectures, games, and do-it-yourself astronomy equipment to young kids. Due to voluminous number of kids who belong below the poverty line, we are aiming to cater about 300 kids for 3batches, in three different places, aged 7-10 years old who are living in the slums of metro manila and will […]