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IAU OAD Newsletter #30 July-September 2022

Cover image of the OAD newsletter

The IAU OAD has published its latest newsletter for the July to September 2022 period. Highlights in the newsletter: Lookback at the XXXI IAU General Assembly, 2-11 August 2022 New guidelines published on Astronomy for Mental Health Toolkit to address development through astronomy Case studies from OAD funded projects 4th Shaw–IAU Workshop on Astronomy for […]

Preparations for Astronomy-themed Workshops at IDP Camps in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has been subject to terror attacks since 2015 in several parts of the country, with a cluster of violence in the northern and eastern regions. These attacks pose a serious humanitarian crisis, resulting in over a thousand deaths and more than a million internally displaced individuals so far. The majority of displaced persons […]

Astro3DBol Archaeoastronomy Educational Kit, Bolivia

The Astro3DBol project is developing and distributing Archaeoastronomy educational kits in the context of the Tiwanakota culture of Bolivia. The target audience are educators and those interested in Astronomy and the pre-Inca cultures of Bolivia who may develop a thematic class of Tiwanacota Archaeoastronomy. The products of the project are didactic kits, workshops for the […]

LEBS Toolkit for Addressing Development Challenges through Astronomy

Development Economist and OAD Fellow Dr. Tawanda Chingozha presents a framework and toolkit for astronomers and natural scientists to think about addressing development challenges. Conceptual Framework The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal benchmark for conceptualizing and measuring the various aspects of development. Each SDG has a set of targets that further unpack the […]

MAV Constructing Mobile Planetarium in Benin with Recycled Materials

Mobile Astronomy Village (MAV) aims to develop astronomy and science education in Benin through planetarium sessions in primary and secondary schools and university centers. The team hopes it will arouse scientific curiosity among young people (including girls), a taste for more advanced studies, and the creation of astronomy clubs. MAV organized an astronomy cultural week […]