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CanSat Ghana Elementary Campaign 2023

CanSat Ghana uses space-based techniques (actual space-based mission) to build & develop a sustainable approach to teaching & learning the basic sciences while developing hands-on skills, building capacity & human resource in Space science & Astronomy. Space engineering, instrumentation & learning, based on the experimental satellite (Cansat) design/mission concept, enables students to gain hands-on experience […]

Astronomy-themed Scout Camp in Kenya

The project revolves around hosting an astronomy-themed scout camp designed for students aged 12 to 15. The goal is to cultivate a passion for astronomy, instill a commitment to preserving the night sky, promote engagement in STEM and engineering disciplines among both genders, and establish connections with the Kenya Scouts Association. We plan to organise […]

Radio Astronomy Training for University Students in Ghana

AstroPhy Ghana 2023 was a one-week, residential radio astronomy training school in Ghana. It focused on Astronomy Instrumentation and Observations Techniques targeting undergraduate and graduate university students. Its objective was to equip students with skills in Python programming, astronomical technical instrumentation, data reduction, analysis, and observational techniques. The primary aim of AstroPhy was to introduce […]

Astro-STEM Workshops and Mentorship Targeting Rural School Girls in Kenya

Dropout rates are high between primary-to-secondary transition among schoolgirls in rural areas of Kenya and Uganda. Addressing gender disparity and equality in education is critically important for the socio-economic growth within these regions. EMEJA aims to address some of these issues in rural Kenya & Uganda via Astronomy outreach programmes, mentorship, & targeted STEM workshops […]

Training of Teachers in Rural Botswana

The SASB project organised a teacher training and stargazing event at Kanye and Machana in Botswana from 6–9 June 2023. Teachers from rural areas and primary schools students from poor socio-economic backgrounds were targeted. The training covered an introduction to Astronomy and the history of Astronomy, definitions of celestial objects, overview of the solar system and […]