Pre-school Teacher Training in Malaysia

ASTROPEST is based on the 21st-century model of teaching and learning, encouraging high quality, inclusive, equitable education, and promoting opportunities for lifelong learning for pre-school teachers. Preschool teachers will receive training in fundamentals of astronomy, hands-on activities, in a 2 days training program. Knowledge transfer activities will also be provided for pre-school kids and the local community. Teachers and students will be given an opportunity to learn about how astronomical objects can affect our environment and how astronomy can protect our world while climate change is discussed.

The team developed a questionnaire to understand the preschool teacher’s awareness, understanding and readiness. In June 2022, two activities were carried out with the preschool students and secondary school students. Now, the project is developing the astronomy teaching and learning module for preschool Teachers and students. The plan is to organize a workshop for the preschool teachers in November 2022.