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update: short report

The HASC project aims to deploy an All Sky Camera in Haiti and set up a collaboration between the University of Maryland and a number of higher ed institutions in Haiti. Students from Maryland and Haiti collaborate via github to understand aspects of the data taken with such a camera. In modern parlor: A Time […]


The radio-astrophysics workshop is aimed at students studying the last year of the careers of Physics, Mathematics, Engineering and related areas in institutions in Mexico, Central and South America. The objective is to introduce you to radio-astrophysics and millimeter astronomy through the research carried out at the INAOE-Mexico. Scholarships will be awarded for travel, lodging and meals […]

Final report

This project’s main goal was to establish a link between the astronomical academic community in Brazil and the mainstream media. In developing countries, we face an enormous challenge in science communication, due to the lack of investment from all involved parties. This in turn endangers future development, driving away future talent and damaging investment in […]