Teacher workshops and activities

Behold the Sky is an ongoing project that consists in the loan of solar PST telescopes and education material (AstroKits) to teachers that are also trained in solar astrophysics topics. The project offers pedagogical advice for the teachers on how to perform empirical science activities with their students. 


In addition, we plan two major events in 2019: (1) a global training 4-day workshop for teachers benefiting from the project, inviting researchers, experts in astronomy education, when we will also offer hands-on training on new technologies for classroom (Go-Lab and Platon platforms); (2) the use of the 5 AstroKits for the observation of the 11th November Mercury transit with the general public, visible from Rio de Janeiro. 

1) 5 meetings for 23 teachers, “Encontro de Capacitação do Projeto Olhai pro Céu (ECAP)”, last thursday of the months (February to June), in order to explain the BTS, the PST operation, and the basic topics of the Sun Astrophysics.
2) Invited to Cabo Frio, a little city near from Rio (60 kms) to do several activities, at the 1st Meeting of New Earths and Exoplanets (April 25). We did a hands-on activity about the solar watch for 20 teachers and 15 students of Education course of the University Estácio de Sá. Also Sun telescope observation, offered to citizens and students of the cities of Miguel Pereira and Vassouras, at III Week of Astronomy of Vale do Café. Attended by more than 300 children, teachers and citizens 

Behold the Sky project activities