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Article on the project and NEPA group

Article in Portuguese (BR) (translated) In the midst of a pandemic, the Center for Teaching and Research in Astronomy at the State University of Amazonas (NEPA / UEA) won the approval of yet another international project financed by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). Titled “Covid-19 in Amazonas: Astronomy strikes back!” (Covid-19 in Amazonas: Astronomy strikes back!) ”, […]

COVID-19 in Amazonas- Astronomy strikes back

Target location: Brazil, all Portuguese-speaking countries, and Japan. Target audience: Social isolation affects all people of different ages. Therefore, the project was formatted in such a way that the following audiences were served: 1: Literacy children up to the 5th. year of primary school; 2: Children of the 6th. year until the 9th. year of […]