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Final Report

Constellation is a year-long program of astronomy activities, carried out in 20 schools located in 6 countries across South America. The schools are connected through a dedicated online platform and through social media, so that they can exchange their thoughts and experiences. The activity cycle, called “Space Exploration” was planned, written in a handbook form and translated in Spanish […]


There is no formal teaching of Astronomy in the Haitian educational system. During spring 2016 Teuben taught a one week 1-credit class “Python and Astronomy” at ESIH, instrumental for operating the planned all-sky telescope. This master class also included an exam. Students were raging enthusiastic, and were eager to continue this study. All materials are available on github. Teuben […]

Update: Kit design and prototypes

Astronomy with all senses is a traveling exhibition specially designs for people with physical disadvantages in order to let them know about astronomy and other space science to inspire them with the wonders of the universe. However, is also a wonderful material for being used with people who has normal abilities because let them know […]