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Final report – Astrobus Ethiopia

The core concept behind the Astrobus-Ethiopia astronomy, art, and innovation activities is to provide an opportunity for the public to explore, learn and understand the main elements of modern civilisation, and how it is realised. Given the mobile nature of the Astrobus program, we designed our activities in such way that they fit a specific […]

Early Career Physics Communicator Award for Jasmin Evans

Jasmin Evans, the project leader of ‘Touching space: accessible astronomy’ won the 2017 Early Career Physics Communicator Award from the IOP’s Physics Communicators Group. In her presentation, Jasmin talked about various outreach events she had been involved in, including her Touching Space project. Touching Space was set up to work with local charities to bring astronomy to […]

Final Report

The Solving Problems and Cosmic Exploration (SPACE) is a program that aims to develop problem solving skills and stimulate creativity through various challenges that are presented within an astronomy context. The SPACE program includes workshops, science shows, games, public busking etc. Activities: The SPACE program comprises of workshops, science shows, public busking and games. Some […]

Final Report and Resources

The Sky on a Bike project was proposed and conducted by SPACE, with the goal of popularizing science via Astronomy and Space Sciences throughout the domains of education, public and media. This project has been introducing the wonders of the night sky to identified groups of economically disadvantaged and uneducated population in Indian villages with […]