Update: Kit design and prototypes

Astronomy with all senses is a traveling exhibition specially designs for people with physical disadvantages in order to let them know about astronomy and other space science to inspire them with the wonders of the universe. However, is also a wonderful material for being used with people who has normal abilities because let them know the importance of all senses.

We start working with the collaborators before to receive the new that OAD will fund this project, that is why we have from the beginning some prototypes that we used with blind people but also with “normal” students at school, in Chile, Barranquilla and Bogotá. Some students and participants give us feedback; even the blind people suggest some details that make easier the production of the final prototypes.

We have another chance to present these previous prototypes in CAP. Lina Canas and Kumiko gave some positive comments with all the material we are working on. Important to remember that we have been inspire by A touch of the Universe box. This new step of material for blind people will be an itinerant exhibition composes by 3 modules. To have more details about the project, please visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OCWkPhoDGHJl-SJfgA_xItOS5w5bDNiAwH0nj_wwNO0/edit

After some online meetings with TF2 collaborators and some Parque Explora creative meetings the designers began the final designs and the production of the special materials. We are going to design a special guide to support the activities in the bag in order to give some ideas in the way the people can use this bag with bind and “normal” people to reinforce the use of senses.
If you want to know more about the virtual online that supports this bag please visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gY86aSt_yUzKmg8dMnBGHVqGFoblOkDyHsprMhdlwq8/edit#

The bag is in Spanish because most of the people in our region are Spanish speaker, we would be very happy is somebody wants to translate the guide. The materials are going to be free to use in the Parque Explora page, TF2 facebook and through TF2 drive.

Astronomy with all Senses (1) Astronomy with all Senses (2)