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Overview of Project

We will introduce the topic of Radio Astrophysics to students in the last year of careers in Physics, Engineering and related areas. The registration will be open to Universities of the Latin American Region that does not have or is implementing radio astronomical infrastructure. Our motivation to promote this specific area is the relatively recent […]

update: News articles

These are some of the news articles produced during a single week of the meeting of the Brazilian Astronomical Society, earlier this month. University news, announcing the event:   National TV report on the launch of the Brazilian Society for Astrobiology, that happened during our meeting:   Veja, the most widely read magazine […]

Update: press releases

The goal of the project is to establish a strong connection between the astronomical community in Brazil and the press, in order to efficiently reach the general public in the country. In this semester, we have managed to receive funding for three undergraduate fellowships, and have assembled a team of two Astronomy majors and one […]

Update: Events

The Astrobebés project developed in Bogota by the Bogotà Planetary team until July 15, 2017 has intervened at 7 localities targeting the community in three modalities: Institutional Field, Family Area and Activities in the Bogotà Planetarium. 1. Institutional Scope: This modality is defined as the attention given to the community of children from 0 to 3 […]