There is no formal teaching of Astronomy in the Haitian educational system. During spring 2016 Teuben taught a one week 1-credit class “Python and Astronomy” at ESIH, instrumental for operating the planned all-sky telescope. This master class also included an exam. Students were raging enthusiastic, and were eager to continue this study. All materials are available on github. https://github.com/teuben/pyASC

Teuben also gave an astronomy lecture at UNIQ, and met with Guy Ettienne, the award winning director of the Collège Catts Pressoir, to start a similar project at one of the well known Haitian schools. Contacts have been made with 3 other schools to be visited in a trip later in 2016.

For this project we have acquired an all-sky camera from Starlight Express, and in collaboration with students at the University of Maryland started writing our own access code to save and process sky images. The camera has been taken to ESIH in Port-au-Prince, and integrated in the aformentioned class.

Project websitehttp://www.astro.umd.edu/~teuben/HASC/

haiti-all-sky-camera-2 haiti-all-sky-camera-3 haiti-all-sky-camera-1