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Final report – Astrobus Ethiopia

The core concept behind the Astrobus-Ethiopia astronomy, art, and innovation activities is to provide an opportunity for the public to explore, learn and understand the main elements of modern civilisation, and how it is realised. Given the mobile nature of the Astrobus program, we designed our activities in such way that they fit a specific […]


The AstroBus-Ethiopia project is fairly well following the proposed timeline. For most of the time since February 2016, the group regularly held skype meetings and developed a system that helps organize the different activities. We used to manage our unstructured conversations among the group and google docs for documenting all structured tasks. As a […]

Overview of the project

Project leader: Yabebal Fantaye, Project location: Ethiopia Project Description: AstroBus-Ethiopia is a mobile astronomy outreach program that will be carried out by driving a motor vehicle – bus – to different locations in Ethiopia. The project aims to promote astronomy Education and Public outreach (EPO), and stimulate a culture of scientific thinking through the […]