Final Report

The Solving Problems and Cosmic Exploration (SPACE) is a program that aims to develop problem solving skills and stimulate creativity through various challenges that are presented within an astronomy context. The SPACE program includes workshops, science shows, games, public busking etc.


The SPACE program comprises of workshops, science shows, public busking and games. Some of the topics covered in the science shows were telescopes (in particular the SKA), the science of living in space, and radiation. Workshops included robotics workshops using Lego Mindstorm, electronics workshops using LittleBits and a telescope card game. The activities were offered to schools during a visit to the science centre which would include a science show, a workshop, visit to our exhibition area and a career guidance interactive session. The workshops and science shows were also offered to the general public and science club members (children aged +6years). An educator workshop exploring telescopes and the SKA was also held at a the South African Institute of Physics 2016 conference.

Audience Participation Numbers
Schools Students 2220
Science Club 100
Educators 80
Public 400

Gender breakdown is estimated at a 55 – 44 split of females to males.


The SKA Science Show
The Telescope Trump card game

All available resources can be accessed through the UNIZULU Science Centre website:


Language was a challenge when working with many of the primary schools where English is not their first language.  The program was adapted and extra staff trained in order for project to be offered in isiZulu. This greatly improved the reception of the program with primary school learners.


  • Encourage and create platforms for greater collaboration between grant holders. This will allow program to grow and improve and will widen its reach.
  • Encourage more sharing of program activities through social media.

Final summary report (PDF)