Final Report and Resources

The Sky on a Bike project was proposed and conducted by SPACE, with the goal of popularizing
science via Astronomy and Space Sciences throughout the domains of education, public and
media. This project has been introducing the wonders of the night sky to identified groups of
economically disadvantaged and uneducated population in Indian villages with the aim to create
scientific temper. Telescopes were carried on bicycles and set up at locations where public was
gathered to show them the night sky. Educators and Volunteers explained the night sky and
showed the sky through telescopes and gave out colorful myth busting handouts.

Throughout our observations, the objective was to foster science education and dispel myths, as
myths related to celestial events are rampant in many areas of India. While many public
observations were conducted for the general masses, our Sky Bikes were also especially used to
visit some NGOs to cater to the curiosities of underprivileged children.

Various factors were kept in mind while designing the bikes including:
 Economical affordability
 Easy availability
 Design Efficiency and sturdiness
These factors ensured that our bikes be easily bought, so as to
build and expand this project further.

Activities were run at various NGOs in the country, the NGOs covered schools for orphanages, illiterate and rural communities etc

 S.No. Name of the NGO Date Astronomical Observation Type No. of Students
1. VIDYA NGO 16th November 2016 Evening Observation 220
2. Shine Foundation, Greater Noida 8th December 2016 Evening Observation 150
3. Aarohan NGO 9th December 2016 Evening Observation 50
4. Shine Foundation, Tughlaqabad 13th January 2017 Solar Observation 100
5. Diya India Foundation – Chetan Vidya Mandir 23rd January 2017 Solar Observation 400
6. Sarthak Prayas 10th February 2017 Solar Observation 40
7. Sparsh NGO, Kalyan Vihar 28th February 2017 Solar Observation 50
8. CASP India 21st March 2017 Solar Observation 450
9. SPARSH NGO, Rohini 28th March 2017 Solar Observation 80
10. PURE India NGO 30th March 2017 Solar Observation 60
TOTAL                                                1600 students reached

Project reports, presentations, posters and design for the bike