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Final report – Astrobus Ethiopia

The core concept behind the Astrobus-Ethiopia astronomy, art, and innovation activities is to provide an opportunity for the public to explore, learn and understand the main elements of modern civilisation, and how it is realised. Given the mobile nature of the Astrobus program, we designed our activities in such way that they fit a specific […]

Final report

Project report (PDF) The project was coordinated by the Astronomy Association of Colombia – ASASAC, with the support and commitment of Colsubsidio, CILABS, the National University of Colombia and the International Astronomical Union. It’s worth highlighting the impact generated to children, youth and adults, that for the first time have access to this type of […]

Sonification videos and Web apps

The project produced 5 sonification videos in 2018. True Love Waits: Jupiter’s Moons: Black Widow Pulsar: Play Saturn Harp: Play Jupiter’s Moons: Github: They have been viewed over 65 000 times on YouTube and were featured on, Virgin Radio, and in The Outline. We produced 2 online applications (Saturn […]

update: activities and tactile model production

In this project our goal is to create and distribute educational kits composed of tactile 3D maps of galaxies accompanied by a manual and multimedia material to educators working with BVI students that want to introduce Astronomy concepts in their classrooms, or to astronomers and/or science outreach coordinators that want to do more inclusive Astronomy […]

update: Pulsar and Blazar musicalizations

Latest on SYSTEM Sounds website BLACK WIDOW PULSAR Listen to the sound of the Black Widow Pulsar as it destroys its mate! The pulsar’s 622Hz period produces an Eb note and the flickers are caused by the radio beam passing through the brown dwarf’s tail which acts like a magnifying glass. All sounds in these […]