update: short report

The HASC project aims to deploy an All Sky Camera in Haiti and set up a collaboration between the University of Maryland and a number of higher ed institutions in Haiti. Students from Maryland and Haiti collaborate via github to understand aspects of the data taken with such a camera. In modern parlor: A Time Domain Astronomy pipeline with an All Sky Camera. This short report summarizes the work of the 2016 and 2017 funded years in the OAD-TF1 program. A larger report will be available at a later date.

Based on a similar Maryland All Sky Network project with the co-I, we initially started HASC with a $1000 Oculus all sky camera from Starlight Xpress Ltd., connecting it to a (typical) $1000 desktop or laptop, which can run a proprietary program from the company. This program is only available in Windows though. An open source program called AllSkEye, developed by Mike XXX, has been far more usable, but again, is only available for Windows. We found that another GUI program similar to AllSkEye was being developed for Linux, called GoQat, which we were able to use successfully.

We have given a number of lectures on HASC and related projects. For example in HASC we
use python, and an related project SLICA (Spectral Line Cubes in Astronomy). Links available
on http://www.astro.umd.edu/~teuben/HASC

We are coordinating all software development (the ASC pipeline) and hardware
documentation on our github repo. http://github.com/teuben/pyASC