Final report

This project’s main goal was to establish a link between the astronomical academic community in Brazil and the mainstream media. In developing countries, we face an enormous challenge in science communication, due to the lack of investment from all involved parties. This in turn endangers future development, driving away future talent and damaging investment in science, without public awareness and support. In order to fill that void, we have started to provide a service to act as liaison between scientists and journalists, in order to gain visibility for research projects conducted within the country.

This project has established a connection with national media channels and reporting on Brazilian research projects, in association with the Brazilian Astronomical Society (SAB). The mission is two-fold: to produce text and material to be taken to the press and to receive and distribute requests for interviews. The commission therefore acts effectively as a Press Office for the entire astronomical community in Brazil, but this also means increased visibility for our initiative.

The project has
– hired a press consultant to establish contact with the media
– established a program of tutoring and supervision for astronomy communicators active on social media
– brought together astronomy and journalism students to work on writing news articles

Project report (PDF)