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Empowering Rational Thinking Through Astronomy at Indonesian Schools

empowering rational thinking through astronomy

Bosscha Observatory, Indonesia coordinates this project to provide distant learning material and methodology to assist teachers, particularly in empowering rational thinking capacity through astronomy. The learning material is enriched with other STEAM topics, most importantly energy, water, and the need to care for Earth. Through the OAD grant, Bosscha built a studio facility for the […]

OAD Project Launches Code Learning Program

Codelastro training workshop

The IAU Office of Astronomy for Development is supporting the Planetário – Casa da Ciência de Braga, Portugal to develop a code learning program with the Portuguese School of Mozambique and the Portuguese School of Dili Ruy Cinatti in Timor-Leste. The CODELASTRO project is a code learning program based on microbits and astronomical topics. The […]

Overview: Code learning with astronomical ideas

Micro:bit is a pocket programmable device that allows children and young people to learnhow to program in a simple, playful and creative way. Its integrated sensors (buttons,compass, accelerometer, temperature, brightness, Bluetooth connection, LED matrix) allowthe development of STEM projects, in which children and young people, almostautonomously and in groups, can learn and lead all phases […]

Overview: Empowering Rational Capacity through Astronomy: A Distant Learning Approach from Bosscha Observatory

Problems to address:- Low rational and critical thinking capability at almost all levels which have been hindering the much needed fast development in the whole system in the country, and blocking mitigation strategy in emergency situation (eg. natural disasters, pandemic such as now, climate change related issues, etc)- Low infrastructure and human resource causing gaps […]


In line with the development of high-tech scientific facility of the National Astronomical Observatory in the Middle Amfoang (Regency Kupang – NTT), the demands for strengthening the human resource capacity becomes very important as the form of the establishment of symbiotic mutualism between the observatory and the local community. Community Empowerment Program (Community Development) in […]