STEAM Teaching Materials from Bosscha Observatory (Indonesian)

This project developed distance learning infrastructure, human resources, materials and methodology to assist teachers, particularly in empowering rational capacity through astronomy. The learning material is enriched with other STEAM components, most importantly energy, water, and the need to care for Earth. The facility and human resources built have been able to reach out to 137985 school and university students, teachers, and the public. Workshops, classes etc were carried out online from Bosscha Observatory, with participants residing all over Indonesia.

Two internal workshops/trainings were organized for the project team on studio operation and material development. Four online teacher workshops, 58 online astronomy classes, 3 virtual day talks, and 6 virtual public night sky viewings were organized. 

The project produced the following results: (1) Teachers’ interest in learning more: very lively discussion in workshops, accessing education material on the website, showing better interaction with their students, and requesting more workshops; (2) students are more proactive in learning: asking questions, showing their projects, recurring participations in virtual public nights; (3) more accessible learning resources for teachers; (4) softened boundaries between STEAM elements: better understanding and appreciation of natural resources for life such as energy and water when the learning material are delivered using integrated yet relatable context as introduced via the relation of earth and astronomy, aesthetic elements from arts, stories, and philosophy are both engaging and enriching; (5) highly motivated and capable human resource in education: growing interest in sharing and contributing to improve living condition and achieve sustainable development.