Empowering Rational Thinking Through Astronomy at Indonesian Schools

empowering rational thinking through astronomy

Bosscha Observatory, Indonesia coordinates this project to provide distant learning material and methodology to assist teachers, particularly in empowering rational thinking capacity through astronomy. The learning material is enriched with other STEAM topics, most importantly energy, water, and the need to care for Earth.

Through the OAD grant, Bosscha built a studio facility for the project, including design, procuring equipment, software etc. The team was trained to operate the audio-visual studio while following all health measures. It was followed by the development of learning materials and testing with a limited audience before a broader roll-out.

Several online workshops were organized for teachers and online astronomy classes for schools all over Indonesia, with the overall aim of empowering rational thinking through astronomy. Virtual public nights were also conducted at the observatory, with carefully choreographed talks combined with observational activities.

Bosscha Observatory partnered with the Faculty of Arts and Design Institut Teknologi Bandung, Ganesha 83 STEAM Teacher Education Program, Indonesia Institute for Energy Economics, Department of Physics at the University of Nusa Cendana in Timor, and Driyarkara School of Philosophy for the project.