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Article for Universe Awareness

Observatory Establishes Astronomy Library Corner in South Africa From 18 to 26 March this year, celebrations commenced for the South African National Library week with the theme ‘My library, your library’. South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) librarians set out to establish an astronomy corner at the Sutherland Library to advance astronomy literacy, in conjunction with […]

Updated project plan

The project has a new PI and updated plan, Ms Zuthobeke Mvakade Email address: South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) library wants to promote astronomy awareness in our communities. Astronomy is part of primary school curriculum and the statistic has shown that communities in previously disadvantaged areas are always left behind with less growth especially […]

Final Report

Aim: To develop and establish a completely automated observatory which can be controlled through internet by authorized person. Objectives of the project: To identify site for the observatory To carry the site survey Testing different aspect for the proposed site. To procure the required instruments/ equipment for the observatory Understanding the research finding Selection of […]

Final Report

Cosmic Light: Bring Galileo’s starry messenger to Vietnam With the help of OAD-IAU, we are targeting at becoming the main hub to coordinate amateur astronomy activities as well as to circulate information on astronomical events, and science development in the country. 1.Translation of the book Galileo’s “Starry Messenger”: We finished the first draft of the translation […]

Final Report

Constellation is a year-long program of astronomy activities, carried out in 20 schools located in 6 countries across South America. The schools are connected through a dedicated online platform and through social media, so that they can exchange their thoughts and experiences. The activity cycle, called “Space Exploration” was planned, written in a handbook form and translated in Spanish […]