Final Report

Aim: To develop and establish a completely automated observatory which can be controlled through internet by authorized person.

Objectives of the project:

  1. To identify site for the observatory
    1. To carry the site survey
    2. Testing different aspect for the proposed site.
  2. To procure the required instruments/ equipment for the observatory
    1. Understanding the research finding
    2. Selection of instruments accordingly
  3. To develop the data analysis lab
  4. To erect the Motorized dome
  5. To set up the Observatory
  6. Automation
    1. Telescope control using different tools
    2. Installation of necessary software
    3. Installation of necessary hardware
  1. To carry the Observing Sessions
    1. To test the current observatory set up
    2. To improve the observation techniques
  2. To Analyze the observed Data

TARA Observatory will:

  • Provide a platform for the development of new technologies and techniques.
  • Provide a unique environment for the further education of students.
  • Provide a technological show case for Fergusson College, CIT and California.
  • Create an outreach program to allow schools to conduct observations.
  • Strengthen the already growing partnership between the Fergusson and CIT

Fergusson College is collaborating with Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland under the project named TARA.  TARA Observatory is a unique project which combines a highly configurable robotic telescope array with an innovative sensor array network. TARA, the Indian word for Star and Tara, an ancient ceremonial site in Ireland with astronomical roots represents a technological partnership between Fergusson College, Pune and Cork Institute of Technology, namely Black Rock Observatory, BCO, Ireland. The first two TARA nodes have been installed in Cork (Ireland) and California (USA).The third node is set up in Fergusson College in collaboration with the Cork Institute of Technology CIT. At a later stage number of other nodes from various parts of the world can be added to TARA.

Final report is available in PDF