Updated project plan

The project has a new PI and updated plan,
Ms Zuthobeke Mvakade
Email address: zm@saao.ac.za

South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) library wants to promote astronomy awareness in our communities. Astronomy is part of primary school curriculum and the statistic has shown that communities in previously disadvantaged areas are always left behind with less growth especially in science and technology development. The aim of this project is to create science awareness with emphasis on astronomy in these communities.  The idea is to work with public libraries to create space which will be dedicated for astronomy; the corner will have informative astronomy material which will enhance astronomy awareness to all those who use the library. This will be done in conjunction with the Northern Cape Provincial services.


  • To create library corners in public libraries
  • To enhance astronomy awareness in communities
  • To create safe and accredited spaces and access to astronomy information

Implementation Plan

  • SAAO will acquire astronomy library material and supply it to the libraries
  • The project launch will take place during the library week
  • SAAO will conduct astronomy workshops and activities related to astronomy