Overview: Astronomy Club in Secondary Schools in Nigeria

The core idea is to stimulate interest in astronomy through astronomy clubs in secondary schools. The project is a consolidation of a previous OAD project “AstroBus Nigeria”. This project aimed to establish astronomy clubs in 4 secondary schools with the provision of materials needed to stimulate greater interest and help in the activities of these clubs. The target audience are secondary school students aged between 11 – 20 years old [we will encourage the formation of Junior AstroJet club junior secondary pupil aged between 11 – 15 and Senior Astrojet club for senoir secondary pupil aged between 14 -20]. The project tends to provide computers equipped with astronomical materials like videos, lectures, DIYs, etc. which the students can always access for knowledge. The astronomy clubs will be managed by the school’s physics teachers and their various school managements. The project will increase the knowledge about astronomy and active participation in STEM.

Contact: Chika Onuchukwu cc.onuchukwu@coou.edu.ng