Overview: Astronomy Development for the Girl-Child Using Optical Telescope in Nigeria

The project “Astronomy Development for the Girl-Child Using Optical Telescope in Nigeria” is a unique project geared towards awakening the interest of the girl-child for active participation in astronomical activities. In Africa, the study of astronomy is lagging compared to what is obtainable in the western world. The story is not different in Nigeria as astronomy is not part of her secondary school curriculum. This project will bridge this gap by bringing astronomy education closer to the selected secondary schools in Enugu State, Nigeria.

This project will use astronomical concepts in line with SDGs 4 and 5 to promote quality education among the girl-child. The project will organize a 3-days astronomical summit/ hands-on for one hundred (100) selected female secondary school students within the Enugu State metropolis at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka – Enugu State. The project will imbibe the principles of optical astronomy to promote and educate the selected participants on the uniqueness of our universe, our solar system, and the use of the optical telescope for observational astronomy. The project will also educate the participants on Light Spectrum and use the light spectrum activity cards to educate the participants on how to calculate energy consumption.

The project aims to achieve active participation of the female participants in citizens’ science and observations. Also, the project will promote the active participation of the participants in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The project will follow up with the interested participants to ensure that they pick up careers in Astronomy and space science as well as STEM.

Contact: Chioma Okany franklynda.okany@gmail.com