Overview of the project

Project leader: Premana W. Premadi, premadi@as.itb.ac.id
Project location: Indonesia

Project Description:

This community development project will develop a symbiosis between a prospective astronomical observatory in Timor, Indonesia, and its surrounding community. The goal is to have thriving villages and a successful observatory. The project consists of:

(1) Human Capacity Building with programs on empowering human resources (e.g. public officers training) and strengthening school (e.g. teachers training); and (2) Managing Sustainable Resources with programs on fulfilling primary needs (water and energy), by education of STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) knowledge and skill.

The project will aim to empower the local community with STEAM knowledge and skill, management capability, help them procure clean water and energy source, while at the same time require their understanding and commitment to preserve their natural environment for their sustainability. And for this unique symbiosis with the observatory to function optimally.

The project is conducted by astronomers of Institut Teknologi Bandung and community development experts of Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics.