Overview of the project

Project leader: Sachin Bahmba, cmd@space-india.com
Project location: India

Project Description:

‘The Sky on a Bike’ is an Astronomy Outreach programme which will introduce the wonders of the night sky to identified groups of economically disadvantaged and uneducated population in Indian villages with the aim of creating a scientific temper. Telescopes will be carried on bicycles and set up at locations where public will be gathered. Educators will explain the night sky and show the sky through the telescopes, give out colorful handouts and enact street plays. The objective is to foster a science education and dispel myths, as myths related to celestial events are rampant in many areas of India.

The outreach sessions will focus on education, equality in knowledge, science skills, gender empowerment and equality. It will target urban and rural villages in and around Delhi, Chennai and in selected villages around Sariska, Rajasthan, all in India.