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Astronomy Workshop in Nigeria Targets Female Students

The Astro Girl project, in collaboration with the Nigerian National Space Research and Development Agency, and Centre for Basic Space Science and Astronomy, completed an astronomy training workshop for eighty female students. The 3 day workshop was held in Ebirimiri-Agu Umuakashi, Nsukka, Enugu State, from 7 to 9  June 2023. The workshop aimed at building capacity among […]

International Seminar on Air Quality and IoT-based Sensors

Poor air quality is a concern in African cities but governments have been too slow to react, one of the reasons being the scarcity of data on different air pollutants. Instruments based on low-cost sensors and Internet of Things are being considered as solutions to evaluate the concentration of different pollutants. The main objective of […]

Astronomy Clubs in Ghana Improve Student Performance in STEM

The Astronomy in Ghana project aimed to promote practical astronomy topics and hands-on activities among students and teachers to foster problem-solving skills and develop an interest in STEM subjects for informed academic and career choices. The project successfully formed astronomy clubs in six schools across three southern regions of Ghana: Greater Accra, Volta, and Central […]

Project Sparks Excitement Among Displaced Children in Burkina Faso

In response to Burkina Faso’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, which has been intensified by armed conflicts since 2016, the team embarked on a development project with the goal of making a positive impact on the lives of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The armed conflict has has affected various regions of the country, causing immense suffering for […]

Astronomy Program to Improve Science & Math Outcomes in High School

The main goal of the APSS project was to develop a sustainable model that uses astronomy to improve the low levels of science and math outcomes in rural areas of South Africa. To achieve this, the project organised a number of complementary activities, involving various stakeholders and targeting multiple audiences – a teachers workshop, parents […]