Astronomy-themed Scout Camp in Kenya

The project revolves around hosting an astronomy-themed scout camp designed for students aged 12 to 15. The goal is to cultivate a passion for astronomy, instill a commitment to preserving the night sky, promote engagement in STEM and engineering disciplines among both genders, and establish connections with the Kenya Scouts Association. We plan to organise a scout camp accommodating 30 students from schools in Nairobi County, all falling within the 12 to 15 age bracket. Our target audience will be from underrepresented communities who have minimal access to Astronomy and science. The scouts are training to be community leaders hence they are best positioned to sensitize the public on light pollution and protecting the night sky.

During this camp, we will conduct astronomy training sessions and outreach programs. These activities will not only educate the students but also raise awareness about the significance of minimising light pollution. We will draw connections between these objectives and the core principles of scouting, particularly its focus on environmental preservation. The selected campsite is Ngurumani, situated near Lake Magadi and distanced from Magadi town. This location boasts minimal light pollution due to its sparse population, making it an ideal training ground. Our initiative will serve as a pioneering effort to introduce astronomy within the framework of the Kenya Scouts Association. Depending on the level of enthusiasm and viability, we aspire to integrate astronomy into the curriculum of the Kenya Scouts Association with an overarching aim to foster an understanding of the adverse effects of light pollution on our environment.