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Overview of the project

Project title: Astronomical measurements in Ancient Greece for students Project leader: Dr. Athanasios Taramopoulos Please follow the project here! Although it is not widely known to students and the public, the ancient Greek philosophers had made a number of accurate astronomical measurements and created successful models in an effort to describe the wonders of the […]

Letters from the children

The following are letters from the children involved in the project: This project is a fantastic experience because you can learn a lot of things. Such as we learn about astronomy and how ancient Greeks measured the size of the Earth. We learned about telescopes and observed the Sun, the Moon and Saturn. I like […]

Events links

Follow the various events of the project here: Spring Equinox 2013: Measuring the size of the Earth Morning observations: Observing solar sunspots Evening observations: Observing Saturn Spreading the word: Presenting to our school Spreading the word: Presenting to Draviskos High School Spreading the word: Presenting to Nea Zichni High School Summer Solstice 2013: Measuring the […]

Updates and presentations

You can find here a few reports and presentations linked to the project and for everyone around the world to use: The spring 2013 term measurements report. The students’ presentations on: Measuring the Earth’s radius: in Greek and in English Measuring the size and the distance of the Moon: in Greek and in English Measuring […]