Overview of the project

Project title: The Universe – our home full of wonders
Project leader: Paweł Zieliński

Regular updates on www.kosmospolita.mlynwiedzy.org.pl

This project is a result of cooperation between science centre Innovation Centre Mill of Knowledge and New Space Foundation. Both parties are active on local level (Toruń, kujawsko-pomorskie region) and have been realizing projects and initiatives addressed to children, promoting astronomy and space technology. These projects were successful but on a local scale and targeted to groups of regular youngsters. However, in Poland such projects are necessary not only in cities like Toruń (circ. 200 000 residents) but mostly in small towns and villages. In these locations, children have much fewer opportunities to learn more about astronomy than the basics presented to them in schools. In most schools teachers don’t have funds, sometimes skills to conduct science projects or hands-on activities. Therefore, very early children are introduced to very strong stereotypes – science is theoretical, difficult and boring, In result, in small local communities in Poland level of science illiteracy is appallingly high, requiring quick and effective action. For this reason, both organizations decided to join forces and create join pilot project, acting on level higher that before.

This project includes not only set of workshops carried out for children with fewer opportunities to introduce them to astronomy. The focal point will be implementation of set of effective, confirmed tools to teachers and caretakers, who will be able to use the results with new groups of children, long after the project is finished,. The pilot character of this initiative was included to reach short-term goals on regional level, but also include long-term result: dissemination of materials (scipts, notes, translations of UNAWE materials to Polish) to be used all over region and all over Poland.