Call for Astronomy Mentors by Astrotribe Project

The ‘AstroTribe’ project seeks scientists, professors, science communicators, educators, and others in astronomy who are interested in serving as mentors.
Run by AstronEra, an online platform dedicated to astronomy courses and activities, the project is educating and training tribal students (from the countryside in the state of Maharashtra, India) in the field of observational astronomy. These students will be assisted to work as ‘astro-guides’ at resorts and other agencies that wish to include stargazing as an experience for their guests. To help the students continue their learning journey, the project aims to connect them with experts in the fields related to astronomy who can serve as mentors.
Experts (mentors) and students will be connected via an online platform similar to LinkedIn. Mentors will be part of this online community, connect with students, answer questions.
To sign up as a mentor, complete this online form: