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e-Amanar: Under the same sky connection

Target location: Sahrawi refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria. Target audience: The primary target audience of the project are the teachers of the Sahrawi Refugee camps. The goal is to directly engage and collaborate with at least 20 teachers, which, in turn, would allow us to indirectly reach around 400 students. Cooperation is assured considering the […]

Hacking vulnerable people as massive particles

Target location: any, US Target audience: The target audience for the project deliverable, which is software, are resources planners at local government level and hospitals, such as the Delaware partners we are currently working with; but since the project will be produced in a hackathon, the direct audience of the project will be the hackathon […]

Inspiring STEM learning through astronomy in rural Ñuble, Chile

Target location: Chile Target audience: Rural students grades (and their families) 1 – 6 in north Coleal, a poor and extremely rural area of Chile will be the target audience for this project. Due to Covid 19, these students have not had access to education since March 2020. Students live far from the school, and […]

Lowell Observatory’s Native American Astronomy Outreach Program: Book Club at home

Target location: Navajo Nation/USA Target audience: 4th-6th grade students at Kayenta Unified School District (KUSD), Kayenta, Arizona, USA on the Navajo Nation. NAAOP pairs astronomers/educators with 4th-8th grade teachers to work together with the goal of getting Native students interested in STEM and STEM careers. The curriculum uses Project Based Learning to help students see […]

OAD Injection Moulding Machine – Recycling waste plastic

Target location: South Africa Target audience: SAAO visitors, Schools Waste plastic is a golden opportunity. The project plans to up-cycle plastic to reduce the impact on the enviroment as well as add to livelihood opportunities. The injection molding machine is suitable for a small scale production facility for manufacturing, for example, breathing masks.