Reach for the Stars

Target location: South Africa

Target audience: The community of Karoo Hoogland Municipality, Sutherland Fraserburg and Williston which is an amalgamated municipality in the rural Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

The Karoo Hoogland municipal area is also host to the South African Astronomical Observatory in Sutherland, which has the biggest optical telescope SALT in the Southern Hemisphere.

This rural communities was already very poor with lots of socio economic challenges before the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic.

The town of Sutherland in South Africa, which hosts the South African Astronomical Observatory, has been severaly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The core of the proposal would be to provide 200 families in the community with food parcels. The Observatory has been very active in these communities with schools, therefor for implementation we would partner with the schools and the saps to ensure the food reach the most vulnerable households in the communities, especially where learners are present as well.