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AIM – All dIgital reMote

Target location: Brazil Target audience: Children and teenagers from the City of God favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Teachers at public schools and after-school programs who service the community. The AIM project will promote online learning for students in the City of God favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In addition, it will assist […]

Amateur astronomers’ network as outreach fosters

Target location: Russia and Germany at the first stage. Australia, USA – later. All countries of the world as the indicator of the right pace of the project and right orgatizators in different cites of the world. Target audience: 1. Amateur astronomers (organizers, presenters, lecturers – on one hand, and also beginners who want to […]

Ask An Astronomer (Pregúntale A Un Astrónomo)

Target location: Perú Target audience: Firstly: School children and young people. Secondly: First year undergraduate students. Thirdly: Any interested people. “Ask an Astronomer” is a science education and outreach project carried out weekly on social media where two Peruvian young astronomers discuss open questions and important topics in astronomy and space sciences. The program will […]

Astro-Art Contest for Schools Kids

Target location: Nigeria Target audience: This project is targeted at Elementary and High School Kids (6-15 years) in Nigeria who have been home for months due to the Covid-19 lockdown. This project aims to engage elementary and high school children through an Astro-Art competition. The competition will encourage school children to paint their space imaginations […]

Astro-Logos: stories of the history of the Universe

Target location: Italy Target audience: Anyone who speaks Italian and needs to laugh, dream, relax and hope. The combination of all elements (literature, theatre, art, music and astronomy) present in this project has the potential to make the content suitable for a wide audience including kids and young adults. Moreover, the recordings will be publicly […]