Rooftop diaries

Target location: As the project will be digital, it targets all countries affected by lockdown and quarantine during the next year. The main implementation phase, however, will be carried out in Athens, Greece.

Target audience: The target audience of this project are all those who are or will be affected in the coming months by lock down, social isolation, and loneliness due to the pandemic. It focuses on those who experience the lock down and suffer particularly

from it, such as those who live in big cities, live alone or people whose mental health has been affected by the pandemic conditions.

This project seeks to produce an artwork inspired by the problems faced in lockdown and the escape route that astronomy can offer. It will be implemented by a video artist with an interest in astronomy, in cooperation with an amateur astronomer who has a keen interest in art. Rooftops offer an alternative to outside mobility and also a means of escaping from lock down by looking upwards, towards the open sky. A digital rooftop diary composed of video images of the sky and skylines of the city will be created to produce 30 small videoessays. The video essays will be synthesized to produce a complete artwork which will be uploaded digitally for all to access and shared on social media. The aim of the project is to inspire others facing lockdown difficulties by using rooftops as observatories, as a means of escaping from the negative effects of the confinement as well as creating a record, in the form of a digital diary, of an experience that for most of us is unique.